What we can do for YOU

Do you organise national or regional conferences or seminars? If you don’t, would you like to? If you do, does it stretch your resources beyond reason?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Interface Event Management Ltd may be able to help you.

Maybe you already run events and have an Events Department.

We are used to working closely with the events and marketing personnel within various client organisations. Our involvement allows them to expand the department and its events schedule without the financial burden of a full-time permanent staff member.

If you do not already run conferences or seminars, is it something worthy of consideration?

Conferences can aid fund raising, raise awareness, share information, provide a learning forum or be run as a promotional event. Big or small, well organised events can have a great impact on your stakeholders, be they paying delegates, invited guests, speakers, members of the press, in-house staff etc. Hiring in a freelance organiser can be a cost-effective option allowing your organisation to concentrate on its core skills and objectives.

Organising the event in-house, but not sure where to start?

We offer a one-day consultancy package, that ensures you get off to the right start, identifying key tasks and dates, and providing on-going telephone advice.

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