Training Courses/Consultancy Package

We offer a one-day training course for up to ten people, providing all the information needed to run your own events.

“Organising a successful event”

Roadshows, seminars, meetings and conferences are useful tools when planning a marketing strategy. Often the job of organising such an event is given to someone with little or no experience of event management, eg. marketing managers, marketing assistants, secretaries, PA’s, project managers, administration staff, despite the fact that the success or not of the subsequent event can make or break a marketing campaign. This one-day course is designed to aid anyone tasked with organising such an event to produce a successful, dynamic and memorable event (for all the right reasons!). Delegates attending the course will each receive a copy of Pauline’s book ‘Organising a Conference’ published by How To Books and a number of other useful handouts.

Course includes:

The course is appropriate for the following job functions:
Secretarial staff, Office Manager, Teacher, Sales Manager, Hotel Manager, Consultant, Club Secretary, Training Officer, Charity Worker, Regional Manager, Museum Curator, Tourism Officer, Marketing Assistant, Marketing Manager, PR Assistant, PR Officer, Media Relations Manager, Trade Union official and all those who have been given the job of running an event in-house, with little or no previous experience.

Consultancy package

Have you been tasked to organise an event yourself and are not sure where to start? How can you avoid the pitfalls and make the experience as easy as possible?

Interface Event Management Ltd offers a one-day consultation package, adaptable to your needs and experience. To ensure that you get off to the right start, together you will produce a time planner containing key dates for given tasks, ideas on venues, budgetary hints and tips, catering requirements etc. This service includes on-going telephone advice up to and including the day of the event.